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My Review of Metolius Porta-Cord Rope Bag

2 August 2011


Originally submitted at REI Metolius Porta-Cord™ rope bag can also be used as a lightweight pack or a rope bucket during long multipitch routes and big-wall climbs. Metolius Porta-Cord Rope Bag Better than a rope bag. Not a crag pack. By Pete Jackson from Rumney, NH on 8/2/2011   3out of 5 Pros: Wear Resistant […]

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Intro to Spatial Programming

9 July 2010


My slides from the presentation “Intro to Spatial Programming” are now available. You can download them as: A 20MB Keynote ‘o9 file A 10MB PDF file (transitions and animations will not work) A 52MB Quicktime Movie ar 1024×768 A 9.1MB Quicktime Movie formatted for the iPod and iPad (640×480) I hope you enjoy the slides. […]

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The Revenge of Inigo Montoya

25 May 2010


:false You keep using that symbol. I do not think it means what you think it means. Today, I’d like to describe something I like to call: The Inigo Montoya Attack. It is the implementation in code — often with good intentions, but sometimes simply because of ignorance — of an algorithm which masks one […]

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Oracle Spatial support in spatial_adapter for ActiveRecord

14 April 2010

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I’ve recently made public the first cut of functionality for Oracle Spatial support in Fragility’s Spatial Adapter for ActiveRecord. It’s not ready for prime time, but it’s useful enough to open up to collaboration. As soon as I finish up complete spec tests and a couple of refactorings, I plan to issue a pull request […]

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Goodbye TextMate

26 March 2010


I've been using TextMate to develop Ruby on Rails applications for a very long time. But as of today, I'm abandoning TextMate. After making the decision that I couldn't continue to work in a professional setting with an editor that contains so many productivity-sapping limitations for me, I decided to switch. Find out what I tried, and what I ended up using.

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New Rails Plugin Available: YAML Twitter OAuth

17 November 2009


When I build Twitter OAuth apps, I usually register three apps. One for development purposes, one for staging and user-acceptance testing, and the production application. Each of these registered apps will have a different Twitter OAuth Consumer Token and Secret. Instead of writing procedural code to set the right tokens up for each environment, or […]

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VoteFu is now available on GemCutter

14 November 2009


@alexanderkahn asked me via Twitter whether I’d be pushing VoteFu to GemCutter. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t really thought about it. But, it does seem to be what all the cool kids are doing. Want to see how easy it was to move to GemCutter? ping:$ sudo gem install gemcutter Password:   ======================================================================== […]

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How I became convinced to use db:populate instead of db:migrate with inline data seeding, and why you should too.

11 November 2009


How I became convinced to use db:populate instead of db:migrate with inline data seeding, and why you should too.

There’s a lot of established debate and best practice around how to populate your database with the initial reference data it needs in order to operate. I’m not going to rehash that here. If you’re interested in the options available for seeding data, read Luke Franci’s article on Rails Spikes. Many people I work with […]

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MyQuotable source code available again

3 April 2009


I took the MyQuotable example code down from github for a little while because I’d hosed it up trying to convert it into a facebook application. A few users have emailed me in the past month or so asking where the code is located. I’ve just republished the source code, so you can again download […]

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Why Rails Developers are at such peace with the world.

16 March 2009


Why Rails Developers are at such peace with the world.

Because they already know the answer to the burning theological question that has ignited fury around the globe for thousands of years. [pete@me.local log]$ which god /usr/local/bin/god

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