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The Case for Story Points

5 February 2009


Scrum Masters embarking on a project or converting a team from conventional development to Scrum often run into one big roadblock: convincing the stakeholders to use Agile Estimation techniques. One of the most important and success-inducing things you can do when estimating an Agile project is to abandon the “hour” as the unit of estimation […]

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4 December 2008


A number of VoteFu users have asked me for help integrating VoteFu into their codebase. I recognize that this means I’ve probably left the documentation lacking in a couple of places, but in order to immediately help those folks who want a reference implementation of VoteFu, I am releasing the full source code of […]

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Book musings: Ubuntu Kung Fu is released and other fun

24 September 2008


I absolutely LOVE the cover of this book. And the book itself looks pretty decent, though how the author fills 300 pages with tricks and tips on Ubuntu it beyond me. I’m not sure when it happened, but the technical world starting using amusing pictures of animals on the covers of their books some time […]

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Visualizing user interaction with your site.

4 September 2008


I really like the app on AngelSoft’s new homepage. A long time ago I created an app that would post messages to the homepage in a ticker when site visitors would do stuff. It was for a liberal political action NGO. From the homepage of this NGO’s site the ticker would flash messages like “A […]

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Filed under: “you gotta be kidding me” — Patent issued for Page Up Page Down

27 August 2008


Microsoft has been issued a patent on Page-Up/Page-Down functionality (see below). I was annoyed when Amazon patented One-Click-Checkout, but this patent is even more troubling. I have written about Patent craziness before, mostly as it related to “Submarine Patents” (i.e. patents for products that will never see the light of day, to the benefit of […]

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Scrum: Top Ten Signs You’re Doing It Wrong

19 August 2008


A lot of people are in the business of cataloging “Scrum Smells”,  those warning flags that indicate you may have some problems in your agile development process. These are the ones that I think are important, and common. If these things are happening on your team, UR DOIN IT WRONG. Your Burndown Chart does not […]

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MyQuotable 0.0.4 alpha released

18 August 2008


My day job has been keeping me busy-busy-busy, but I had some time this weekend to add some more to Here is what is new: You can now edit your user profile. (Name, etc) The color scheme is slightly different. You now collect positive karma every time someone votes for one of your quotes. […]

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More MyQuotable features

1 August 2008


MyQuotable is a fun project for me. Here is what is new: Tags:  Tag your quotes and filter by those tags. /popular: See which quotes have the most votes RSS Feeds for Recent, Popular, and User specific quotes. What’s next? You tell me. The alpha testers I have so far have had some great feedback. […]

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You are invited to my open alpha of

21 July 2008


Quotes. I love quoting people. I have a ton of quotes saved in text files, on my blog, in my various mood messages on IM platforms, and who-know-where-else. I decided to build an application to manage, organize, and syndicate quotes. You can read more about it on my project page for MyQuotable. If you read […]

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Dr Nic is uber-productive

1 July 2008


Dr Nic is a seriously productive badass. I can’t manage to keep up with all of his github projects. I read his blog: frankly, he doesn’t post all that often. But it seems like he’s got a new github project every couple of days. Seriously, I’m not sure how the guy cranks it all out. […]

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