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How I became convinced to use db:populate instead of db:migrate with inline data seeding, and why you should too.

11 November 2009


How I became convinced to use db:populate instead of db:migrate with inline data seeding, and why you should too.

There’s a lot of established debate and best practice around how to populate your database with the initial reference data it needs in order to operate. I’m not going to rehash that here. If you’re interested in the options available for seeding data, read Luke Franci’s article on Rails Spikes. Many people I work with […]

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4 December 2008


A number of VoteFu users have asked me for help integrating VoteFu into their codebase. I recognize that this means I’ve probably left the documentation lacking in a couple of places, but in order to immediately help those folks who want a reference implementation of VoteFu, I am releasing the full source code of […]

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VoteFu 0.0.7

2 December 2008


A couple of contributors forked VoteFu and submitted some patches. I’ve updated the master branch to integrate the changes. Notably: VoteFu now works as a standard gem in a Ruby application. (i.e. not as a Rails plugin) VoteFu now works as a Rails Gem Plugin. VoteFu now works with Rails 2.2.2. Other assorted small bugfixes. […]

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MyQuotable 0.0.4 alpha released

18 August 2008


My day job has been keeping me busy-busy-busy, but I had some time this weekend to add some more to Here is what is new: You can now edit your user profile. (Name, etc) The color scheme is slightly different. You now collect positive karma every time someone votes for one of your quotes. […]

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More MyQuotable features

1 August 2008


MyQuotable is a fun project for me. Here is what is new: Tags:  Tag your quotes and filter by those tags. /popular: See which quotes have the most votes RSS Feeds for Recent, Popular, and User specific quotes. What’s next? You tell me. The alpha testers I have so far have had some great feedback. […]

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VoteFu gets a couple enhancements

23 July 2008


The lastest version of VoteFu has a few useful enhancements: Protect against mass assignment forgery. The params hash will only be consulted for :vote => true or false. The rest has to be assigned in the controller. The acts_as_voteable mixin now has support for tallying votes. The documentation will be updated tonight, but briefly, here […]

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You are invited to my open alpha of

21 July 2008


Quotes. I love quoting people. I have a ton of quotes saved in text files, on my blog, in my various mood messages on IM platforms, and who-know-where-else. I decided to build an application to manage, organize, and syndicate quotes. You can read more about it on my project page for MyQuotable. If you read […]

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acts-as-taggable-on and space delimited tag lists

14 July 2008


UPDATE: I made the classic coder mistake, and didn’t dig into the plugin code before working around it. I am leaving this post up instead of being embarrassed and deleting it because it a good example of why you should read your plugin code. After reading the code, I found that TAGLIST IS JUST AN […]

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Announcing VoteFu

13 July 2008


VoteFu is a voting mixin that allows you to extend your models to vote on one another. Largely based on Cosmin Radoi’s acts_as_voteable plugin, VoteFu adds named_scope support, a set of generators to make using the plugin easier, a :polymorphic association to the voting class (so you can have more than one model type perform […]

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Rails 2.1 nested routes and complex nestings

8 June 2008


The new Rails routing has nice support for nested reources. And, I think it handles just enough nesting. Any more support, and it’s possible to go overboard and write ugly code. For example, here is what Rails now supports for nested routing syntax: 1 2 3 4 5 # Simple parent child association map.resources :user, […]

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