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GitHub Javascript Badge

10 May 2008


Dr. Nic has released a javascript based badge for GitHub. While I generally like to keep my sidebars clean because most readers just ignore the cruft in there, this badge is really useful for me. Plus, as the author points out, you get at least a 100% boost in coolness. I like the badge, but […]

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Fixed standard_issue Theme for proper code formatting

3 May 2008


Alright. The Typo 5.x Standard Issue theme (which I really like, so much that I switched from Scribbish) does not account for the styles used by typo:code macros. After much headache trying to get Typo to include the typocode themes in minimal.css while rendering themes (so that code would render nicely in any theme that […]

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Code Highlighting in Typo

2 May 2008


Code Highlighting in Typo is awful, cumbersome, and a pain. I am currently running this blog on Typo 5.0.3, and when I write an article using typo:code snippets using LivePreview, here is what I see: But then it RENDERS like this, no matter which theme I am using: GAH! That’s not what I thought I […]

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