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gem@alexanderkahn asked me via Twitter whether I’d be pushing VoteFu to GemCutter. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t really thought about it. But, it does seem to be what all the cool kids are doing.

Want to see how easy it was to move to GemCutter?

ping:$ sudo gem install gemcutter
           Thanks for installing Gemcutter! You can now run:
    gem tumble        use Gemcutter as your primary RubyGem source
    gem push          publish your gems for the world to use and enjoy
    gem migrate       take over your gem from <a class="zem_slink" title="RubyForge" rel="homepage" href="">RubyForge</a> on Gemcutter
    gem owner         allow/disallow others to push to your gems
Successfully installed gemcutter-0.1.6
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for gemcutter-0.1.6...
Installing RDoc documentation for gemcutter-0.1.6...
ping: Pete$ gem tumble
Thanks for using Gemcutter!
Your gem sources are now:
ping:workspace Pete$ cd vote_fu_harness/vendor/plugins/vote_fu/
ping:vote_fu Pete$ ls
CHANGELOG.markdown      README.markdown         examples                init.rb                 rails                   test
MIT-LICENSE             db                      generators              lib                     spec                    vote_fu.gemspec
ping:vote_fu Pete$ gem build vote_fu.gemspec
WARNING:  no rubyforge_project specified
  Successfully built RubyGem
  Name: vote_fu
  Version: 0.0.11
  File: vote_fu-0.0.11.gem
ping:vote_fu Pete$ gem push vote_fu-0.0.11.gem
Enter your Gemcutter credentials. Don't have an account yet? Create one at
Signed in. Your api key has been stored in ~/.gemrc
Pushing gem to Gemcutter...
Successfully registered gem: vote_fu (0.0.11)
ping:vote_fu Pete$

Scarily easy. In under 3 minutes I have a new primary gem source and am set up to publish to GemCutter.

So, why would one want o host Gems on GemCutter? I asked the same question. In a nutshell:

  1. Download counts are shown inline
  2. Build locally, then push-to-publish. No more waiting to make your way through DJ, BJ, Resque, or whatever the background framework of the day is at GitHub.
  3. It’s nothing but gem hosting, so it’ll probably grow to do gem hosting really well.
  4. It’s ThoughtBot. I like the ThoughtBot guys.

So, there’s no real compelling reason to run out and move your gems to GemCutter, but if your users ask you to do it, it takes 3 minutes or less.

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  • Dan

    you a real guide to using your gem it's not very clear!
    That screencast you siad you was going to create would be great right know!

  • Jimmy

    I second Dan's comment. Firstly in your githug readme it states:

    ./script/generate vote_fu VoteableModel

    where “VoteableModel” is the name of the model on which you would like votes to be cast, e.g. Comment)”

    But no matter what I put as VoteableModel (even with nothing) it generates the same migration.

    I have put acts_as_voteable on a model and acts_as_voter on my user model, but when I try to do the following:


    I get “NoMethodError: undefined method `user_id' for #<Vote:0x7f5ed4355540>”

    I'm pretty sure I did what the documentation states, but it just isn't working. Any ideas? Or better yet, it would be great to get updated doco.


  • peteonrails

    Yes, I concur. The documentation is currently very bad. It got outdated over time, and I've put off updating it until I can get the new version out the door.

    If you send me a gist or snippet with your migration and your model I can help you get it working.

  • Jimmy

    Great stuff. I'll send you a gist soon.


  • Jimmy

    Ok, after creating a fresh rails app with the plugin installed, I found that vote_fu works as advertised!

    Believe the reason it wasn't working for my real app is due to the fact the app is using the desert plugin, with the User model defined in two source files. When I switched over to using rails_fu as a gem it appears to be working.

    So my apologies for casting any doubt on the quality of the documentation. Thanks for writing this great plugin. vote_fu FTW!


  • peteonrails

    I am glad you got it working, but your original point about an update to the docs being required still stands. Thanks for the analysis of what went wrong: it's either a bug I need to fix, or an incompatibility that I need to document.

    Take care!

  • Zhu1230

    hi,i am here to report a bug(or confusion)
    Do you really test the polymorphic of the voteable?
    I can find the “voteable=” string from the real sql in log file.
    And i test that,failed on the polymorphic.
    btw,i even can not find your email to contact.well,the vote_fu is abandoned?

  • VincentOnRuby

    Sorry for the typo.
    Can not find the voteable_type string in SQL.

  • VincentOnRuby

    Sorry for the typo.
    Can not find the voteable_type string in SQL.