Scrum: Top Ten Signs You’re Doing It Wrong

Written by pete

Topics: Business, Software Development

A lot of people are in the business of cataloging “Scrum Smells”,  those warning flags that indicate you may have some problems in your agile development process.

These are the ones that I think are important, and common. If these things are happening on your team, UR DOIN IT WRONG.

  1. Your Burndown Chart does not have an entry on it for every day’s remaining activity.
  2. Someone asks you how your sprint velocity is changing over time and you answer, “It’s hard to compare sprints, because each one is a different length.”
  3. You can’t tell me when the next Sprint Planning Meeting is, or what was agreed to at the last meeting.
  4. You have no idea what you’ll be working on in 4 weeks. Not even a foggy notion.
  5. When asked if you use scrum, you have to answer, “We use our own special flavor of scrum.” Seriously. There isn’t enough process involved in scrum to have seasonings added to it.
  6. You are the product owner and the scrum master.
  7. You are the scrum master and the boss of your scrum team members.
  8. Your burndown chart goes up sharply at the beginning of each sprint (hint: play planning poker 2 days ahead of the sprint meeting).
  9. Business stakeholders get mad at the engineering team when their feature isn’t scheduled for an upcoming milestone (hint: that’s the product owner’s baliwick.)
  10. You have more than 3 or fewer than 1 sprint goals on the board.