Dr Nic is uber-productive

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Topics: Software Development

Dr Nic is a seriously productive badass. I can’t manage to keep up with all of his github projects. I read his blog: frankly, he doesn’t post all that often. But it seems like he’s got a new github project every couple of days.

Seriously, I’m not sure how the guy cranks it all out. These are **not** piddly little projects. One day, he’ll publish a new framework. Then he’ll fork something trivial like….oh…I dunno…Merb. And fix a ton of bugs. Then he’ll publish a handful of TextMate bundles that he developed while working on the framework. Then he’ll decide he wants to publish a few snippets and out comes PastiePacker.

Check out a few of his projects. Most of them are small, focused, and very useful. They’re good stuff. My current fave is the iPhone Ruby project.

It’s teh chown.