Reblogging your own comments

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Fred WIlson makes a great point today about howblog comments can be as important as blog posts themselves. In this post, he says:

I want to be able to easily reblog onto my front page any and all great comments in a format that shows that they are comments and a link to the post the comment is from. I want to be able to easily reblog the comments I make on other blogs to my blog. I want services like techmeme and friendfeed to understand that comments are as important as blog posts (friendfeed is on its way with disqus and intensedebate integration). And I want commenters to have their own blogs that are simply aggregations of the comments they leave on the web. That’s happening too, here’s my disqus page.

Great stuff. I agree. I often paraphrase my comment back onto my blog as a new post. And, my disqus page is almost a blog on its own. However, I’d really like to have the option in either my blog software or on my disqus page to “Reblog this comment as a new post” on my main blog page.

The Disqus API should make this kinda trivial to support in most blog software. But how do we get the maintainers of Blogger, WordPress, Typo, and the dozen other blog providers to support it? I can tell you from experience that getting it into Typo as a patch will take more time than writing the code itself.

So how about a javascript badge that will do it? That shouldn’t be too hard. Who’s working on it?