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I like to keep up with developer blogs, so I definitely read/watch Railscasts, The Intridea Blog, Hacker News, Paul Graham, Joel Spolsky and the like.

However, I get a lot of utility out of following the blogs of lesser known people I know or have worked with. If you haven’t checked them out already, please visit my peeps on their blogs:

  • Fred Wilson: Ok. Not really one of my peeps, per se, but a smart guy who I respect and read daily.
  • Sean Cook: If you know or have worked with me, it’s likely that you know or have worked with Sean. He’s starting to ramp up the content on his site with technical stuff, but the music stuff if worth a visit.
  • Brendan Lim: A smart guy that used to work on my team. One of the two brains behind
  • Theo Nguyen-Cao: Theo is a versatile, quiet hacker who says more in print than in person, but is worth listening to in either situation.
  • Brent Collier: The other of the two brains behind
  • Laurie Ruettimann: I haven’t met her in person, but her HR blog makes so much sense that nobody in the startup world can afford to not read it.